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Dedicated Chocolate

Nama Chocolate + Sablés Biscuit Set *Free Shipping*

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Nama Chocolate

Nama Chocolate originated from Japan. “Nama” in Japanese means fresh which refers to the creamy and rich texture in the chocolate. It has a soft chocolate texture made by emulsifying dark chocolate with fresh cream and decorated with cocoa powder.

Sablés Biscuit

Sablés is a sandy and buttery biscuit originated from France. We dip the Sablés with our chocolate.

Nama Chocolate: 15 pieces per box
Sablés Biscuit: 4 pieces per box

Nama Chocolate: Chilled at 0-4 degrees for 2 weeks. 
Sablés Biscuit: Room temperatuer under 25℃ for 4 weeks.

*Pre order product. The whole order including other products will be sent out together at the date listed.
*Free Shipping
*Tested Chilled temperature controlled delivery. However, the product may crack a bit due to extreme shipping condition which will not affect consumption.