How long does chocolate last and how should I store them?

    • Best before date is listed on every items, please refer to the indication on the packing
    • The best conditions to keep chocolate products is  between 15-18 degrees with a humidity under 50%.
    • Please keep away of direct sunlight or other heating objects (e.g. oven)
    • The taste of chocolate will be affected by odor. Please keep away from food or things that have strong odor.
    • Refrigerating is not a good way to store chocolate, but if you do need to refrigerate it, please put it in zip bag to keep away the moisture and the odor of other food.
    • During summer time, please store properly once you receive. 


Can I order your products for wedding gifts, farewell gifts or company gifts?

  • Yes! For large quantity order, please contact us at info@dedicatedchocolate.com.


Do you accept return or refund?