From bean to bar, handcrafted into Dedicated chocolate

Dedicated is a bean to bar craft chocolate maker in Hong Kong.

Everything starts from the cacao bean. We sourced the high quality of cacao beans from all over the world.There is no addition of chemicals, additives or preservatives. A series of steps including sorting, roasting, winnowing, grinding, conching, tempering and moulding, crafting the cacao bean to become chocolate bar. 

Different cacao beans present different notes and aromas depending on the terroir of the origin, which conditions include soil, weather, fermentation, etc. Our signature Single Origin chocolate bar shows the characters of the cacao beans from different origins. You can simply taste the fruity, floral, woody, nutty notes from our chocolate. 

Dedicated chocolate are handcrafted in Hong Kong, our vision is to provide a wider chocolate selection to the Hong Kong market.